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First off, we’re mostly a motel, not a hotel. We do have “hotel” rooms, per se, in the main building.  But the name “Elk City Hotel” was established long ago, and we have carried its traditions forward.

Elk City Hotel really fits the motel definition when lodging and accommodations come to mind.  It consists of a total of thirteen rooms available, ranging from rather spartan with a double bed to larger remodeled rooms with a queen bed, multiple beds, kitchenettes, etc., One room is a double-room with bathtub that will sleep seven.  T.V.s, phones, microwaves, and coffeemakers are standard.

We also have one currently remodeled “Victorian room” in the main hotel that is dressed out in our by-gone heyday era style, replete with claw-foot bathtub, king-sized bed, lace curtains, antiques, etc.     It’s been described as “magical” but I kinda think deep bathwater and some imagination help stimulate the experience.     All of the remodeled rooms are replete with reprinted historical photos from the gift shop “museum collection”.


Elk City Hotel Gift Shop Souvenirs, Historical Photos, Supplies

Our gift shop is just what the name implies, with a strong emphasis on locally made items, things that you might need to replace what you forgot at home, books about the area (mostly historical), some feed & tack items and even an espresso machine.

However, the most “important feature” is the section that houses the closest thing to a museum that Elk City currently has. Through the aid of some “seed grant” monies and thousands of donated hours, pictures, relics, etc., Jamie Edmondson has spearheaded the birth of the Idaho Goldfields Historical Society, which includes more than 2,000 archival photos of the past 150 years of Elk City and surrounding area history.   Reprints of any of these historical photos are available for a modest cost with monies supporting ongoing museum development.    In addition, a couple of working scale models of stamp mills, old mining tools, Chinese slippers, bottles, etc. round out this display waiting for a permanent home.


Over the years, quite a number of folks have come through or contacted the hotel for information about relatives that once lived and worked in this area. Obviously, history is one of our passions and we’ve had great fun helping connect families with their past, either through a picture, a newspaper article or on the ground sleuthing grandpa Fred’s mine. A lot of memories are tucked away in the mountains and woods we call home and that others have also, if only for a short period of their lives.

Elk City Hotel Gift Shop and Museum Photo Gallery

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