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Front-of-hotel-300x204Elk City, Idaho – Public lands filled with green lush forests, snow capped mountains, pristine lakes, rivers and streams, birds, fish, multi-colored insects and big game  animals, and a general wildness outside your door…   This is what Elk City, Idaho is all about.

Pull out a map of North Central Idaho and way out in that sea of green is a small square white spot, an island of a township from gold mining days (2nd gold-strike in Idaho, circa 1861), and home to a few hundred outdoor type folks.  Elk City, Idaho is a stepping stone back in time, a non-digital,  pristine nature escape where the routine sounds in your midst are of soft melodies, creeks and river streams rambling across sand and rocks,  far away chirping, purring, soft buzzing and if you’re lucky, distant bugling.


View from the Elk City Hotel View from the Elk City Hotel

Elk City Hotel

….is about the only game in town when it comes to a clean bed, warm room and optional kitchen from which to start, end or be a base of operations for exploring and experiencing life in a different world. We aren’t “touristy” and neither is anything else you’ll find up in these parts of rural and remote central Idaho.


One road in and one road out to and from Elk City Idaho, via Hwy 14 along the South Fork Clearwater River.   Fifty paved miles of winding river canyon, with scenic landscapes that capture the eye in all directions and glimpses of deer, elk, bald eagles and seasonal steelhead fishermen or hunters.   Your arrival in Elk City Idaho has been described as “a drive back in time”.

Making your way to Elk City Hotel, you’ll find a general store across the street, a restaurant next door and a couple of gas pumps here and there, with electricity supplied to most residents, and phone service most of the time (the kind with copper wires connecting to a central station – no towers in sight).

Elk City Idaho is surrounded by thousands of acres of public lands. Elk City sits in the heart of Nez Perce National Forest

From here, the options are limitless, if “getting out” is the name of YOUR game.    A few graveled county roads connect to numerous old logging or mining roads/trails that end in an old cabin or mine and a forgotten story and life.  High mountain lakes with “big” cutthroat trout and overgrown trails, an early morning elk whistle, geese honking in the mist, coyote/wolf howls and stars you didn’t know exist at night.    Huckleberries,  firewood,  mushrooms….and unbelievable quiet!    The only “traffic” is the “critters”.

We get to live here all the time, but we’ll invite you to visit and share some of the blessings here in Elk City Idaho!

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