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by Elk City Hotel on April 21, 2010

Bull Elk in Elk City Idaho

Bull Elk in Elk City Idaho


Hunting has been the real pull in Elk City for the past 50 years. It’s always been important for the locals to be able to supplement the larder, but the trophy hunter can still find big bull elk or moose. Although competition has been much stiffer the past few years, what with the introduction/spread of wolves, the whitetail deer population seems to be holding its own. Black bear, mountain lions, mule deer, turkey and sheep/goats on the Salmon River breaks round out the possible freezer additions and a stuffed wolf would look great in anyone’s family room.


Cutthroat, rainbow, eastern brook, golden, dolly-varden (a.k.a. bull) trout fill the lakes and creeks, with annual steelhead and salmon runs in the main rivers. With fairly large limits, they can also be major players in the freezer viddles. You won’t find too many (any?) cabella-outfitted types after them, either.


We’ve sponsored a couple of horse endurance rides over the years that were described as the best that competitors had ever experienced. With hundreds and hundreds of miles of logging, mining or “lost” roads and trails, the odds of running into anything civilized is remote. Many of those trails are 4 wheeler-friendly, but most are a single track (when visible), primitive and waiting for a visit from someone. Anyone. And during the winter, hundreds of miles are groomed for snowmobiles.


There is still gold in the streams, creeks and rivers of Elk City Idaho

Gold panning is still alive in Elk City ID

There is still gold in the creeks and streams, rocks and crevices (and some of it is for sale in the gift shop) waiting to be panned, suctioned, or pried out. What with $1200/oz. prices, a number of larger scale operations are looking around these parts with renewed exploratory drilling, claim staking and prospecting. Besides gold, rare earths are also present in recoverable/profitable amounts.

Literally, there are thousands of square miles of wildness, whether actual wilderness, primitive or multiple use in any direction, with nothing between here and Montana. It is amazing how little use this heaven on earth receives for most of the year.

Maps, directions, and information about most anything to do in these parts, historical or current is available, depending upon who is manning the front desk. I may or may not disclose my specific hunting, fishing, exploring or picking secrets, but can for sure direct you to where you can start making some of your own. We are user friendly.


Our busiest time, of course, is during the fall when hunting season is in full swing. If you’re looking for a place then, it is really prudent to reserve in advance, although we will usually have something available.

It is also the poorest time for “live” wildlife viewing from the front porch (duh!!!!- the ones really close in are in the back of the truck belonging to the guy in the room next door to you. You know, the fella you heard “get up and out” while you were still snoozing). At other times, keen eyes can usually spot elk or deer in the morning hours.

In spring, it is not unusual to see herds of elk numbering in the hundreds, snow or Canadian geese in the same amounts, raptors to include bald and golden eagles, osprey; bluebirds and king fishers, bats or ravens, robins and woodpeckers, grouse and ducks. There is a wonderful symphony that occurs most spring and summer mornings at dawn.


Old Model Car Outing to Elk City Idaho

Most all of this is free stuff (did I mention huckleberries and morel mushrooms?).  We gotta charge for our rooms, but they’re really reasonable rates.

Did I mention how nice a motorcycle ride the highway coming up the river is? Or the old model car outings?  Scenic and fabulous, all the way round.

How about the annual July Elk City Wagon Road tour from Clearwater to here, staffed along the way with descendants of the original stage stops to explain the history?

Elk City Days occurs the 2nd weekend in August complete with down-home parades, logging events, dances, children’s activities, crafts sales, food, etc.    Then there is the Montana road (a.k.a Magruder Corrider), open a couple months of the year for driving plum through the heart of the largest contiguous wilderness area in the lower 48 states? Whitewater kayaking on the Southfork?  We have a user friendly air strip for those who need to get away, with the hotel within walking distance.

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